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From the 1500s through early 20th century, see master painters and folk artists use the guinea pig as the main subject or ornamentation.  Guinea pigs were believed to have been introduced to Europe between the 1550s and 1580s and quickly became subjects for painters.

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Trust me, the guinea pigs are indeed there!  And usually, they're eating!  

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This museum's paintings are being unpacked with the help of many guinea pigs.  Please be patient while we sort through all our materials.   If you would like to help add to our catalogue or have corrections or other comments, please contact us.

Georges Aglane


Alfred Barber


Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay


Bartolomeo Bimbi


Pieter Boel


Felice Boselli


Jan Brueghel (Elder)


Johann Rudolf Bys


Paolo Castelli


Giacomo Francesco Cipper


Alexandre-Francois Desportes


Adolf Dietrich


English School


Luca Forte


French School


Thomas Gaugain


William Goodall


Claude Marie Guilleminet


Joris Hoefnagel


Maud Humphrey


Robert James


Wally Moes


Christofaro Munari


Euphemie Muraton


Constantijn Netscher


Octavius Oakley


Thomas Kent Pelham


Armand Petersen


Hedwig Rau-Grünzweig


Phillippe Rousseau


Felice Rubbiani


Edouard-Marcel Sandoz


Roelandt Savery


Sinbaldo Scorza


Josef Kamenitzsky Steiner


Tobias Stranover


Hedwig Thoma


artist unknown


Clive Uptton


Izaak Van Oosten


Louis Émile Villa


Marcus Waterman


Josiah Wood Whymper


Melchior d'Hondecoeter


Philipp Ferdinand de Hamilton


Jan van Kessel (Elder)


Gherardo di Bosco, Gerrit van den Bosch


Jacob van der Kerchoven


Aniello Ascione


Jacob Samuel Beck


Ernst Wilhelm Bernhardi


Sara Bisschop


Jakob Bogdány


Norbertine Bresslern-Roth


Jan Brueghel (Younger)


Giovanni Cassana


Giovanni Castiglione


Currier & Ives


Edward Julius Detmold


François-Hubert Drouais


George Edwards


European School


Jean-Honoré Fragonard


Jan Fyt


Jan Pauwel The Younger Gillemans


Abraham Govaerts


Paul Hagelstein


Jacob Hoefnagel


Edgar Hunt


Teodor Lubieniecki


George Morland


Henry Turner Munns


William James Müller


James Northcote


Tom Otterness

(1952- )

Albert Pels


Piedmontese School

16th Century

Claude Reeves


George Derville Rowlandson


Giovanni Ruoppolo


John Singer Sargent


Aert Schouman


August Specht


Jan Stolker


Ezaias Terwester


artist unknown


Unknown Artists


Louis Vagnier


Antonio Delle Vedove


Onze Vogel

Henry Weekes


Johann Amandus Winck


David de Coninck


Mattheus van Helmont (1623-1679)


Franz Werner van tamm


Pieter Van der Hulst


Adriaen van der Werff



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