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The Guinea Pig Arcade &  
Crazy Cavy Fun House

🐹 🧵🪡 🧶 🐹  

Are you or your guinea pigs interested in traditional handicrafts, sewing, needlepoint, knitting? Scroll down to see works of art and click on any picture of interest to see if the pattern is available.  


Christmas Pig
Embroidered Cavy

Cute Embroidery - Vicki Lee

Machine Embroidery

Whimsy Embroidery


Calico Cross Stitch
Guinea Pig Counted Cross Stitch

Knitting & Crochet

Do you trust your guinea pig to knit and purl?  Do you trust your guinea pig to help roll the yarn without eating it?

Family of knitted piggies

Family of knitted piggies

Knit Your Own Pet

Knit Your Own Pet

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