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The Guinea Pig Arcade &  
Crazy Cavy Fun House

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Piggy Playhouse & Theater!

"To Eat or not To Eat ...
That is the Question!"
"Not really ... Let's eat!"

Classic theater from Greek drama to modern favorites, watch abridged versions (for short attention spans of course) and marvel at the professional guinea pig actors' dramatic flair, supplemented by only the most essential of dialogue (wheek, wheek), courtesy of MuseArts Cartoons.


Tartuffe by Molière has long been a favorite of the actors of Guinea Pig theater, but such a hefty production has previously been beyond the means of this modest company. Moreover, the pigs themselves felt that they were not yet ready to tackle the subtleties of the plot. But at last, they have managed to pull it off. Eight months (perhaps longer) in the making, this play took countless hours of tireless labor to perfect. We think they have it right.

Enjoy this timeless tale of a good pig duped by an evil imposter, and his clever servant Spunky who saves the day. Will good triumph over evil yet again? We have a feeling it will.










Prometheus Bound

The Guinea Pig theater series debuted with its production of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound. Spunky plays the starring role in this one-man production of Prometheus, who alone dares to defy the hand of God, and pays the price.

You may remember that in this classic Greek tragedy, Prometheus has angered the gods for his well-publicized theft of fire, and finds himself chained to a rock with an eagle plucking at his liver. In the end, Prometheus is cast into the abyss. Ah, life!











Dracula is the latest epic to be tackled by our intrepid cavian thespians, better known as Guinea Pig Theater. While not afraid to tackle the darker themes in the dramatic repertoire, the pigs were nevertheless reluctant to take this one on for the special effects alone. But we think they've handled the challenges of flying chase scenes pretty well!











In honor of the newish millenium, we bring you Everyman, a morality play from the Dark Ages. In case you're unfamiliar with the play, our hero, Everyman, is going about his business when Death appears to him, telling him that the end is near. Fearful about his imminent day of reckoning, Everyman consults with the resources he has at his disposal, namely his friends and family, but none can avert or delay his inevitable encounter with the Big Guy.










Waiting for Godot

Many people view this play as one in which nothing whatsoever happens. Clearly, if you're hold this view, you have missed the existential boat that Samuel Beckett so poignantly explores in this modern classic. Since guinea pigs excel at waiting, among other things, who better to bring this masterpiece to life than Guinea Pig Theater!

Sit back, enjoy a carrot, and experience Waiting For Godot as you never have before.










A Christmas Carol

Once again, Guinea Pig Theatre brings us their annual performance of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol . This highly festive interpretation of Dickens' timeless classic is not to be missed. Join us as we salute the season with this wonderful production with which we hope, as Dickens put it, 'to haunt your houses pleasantly.' Merry Christmas!










Romeo and Juliet

In their latest production of Romeo and Juliet, Guinea Pig Theater present a classic tale of love and tragedy, told with understated sensitivity and pathos. Sniff.

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