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The Guinea Pig Arcade &  
Crazy Cavy Fun House

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If You Feel Like Singing, Sing!

Guinea Pigs in Song and Song Lyrics
The term "guinea pig" is still used as a term for something that is used as a test target for experimentation, and is used in many modern songs in a negative manner.  We do not include these.
 But there are several songs in which the lyric "guinea pig" does justice to these very musically vocal creatures.  


The Real Bing Cavy

Bing Crosby, Bing Cavy ... 

The Guinea Pig Song

The Guinea Pig Song, sung by Joe Pasquale, English comedian, actor and television presenter

The Guinea Pig Way!

It's all about me!

Guinea Pig Bridge at the Nagasaki Bio Park

Guinea pig bridge
Guinea pig bridge transporting Guinea pigs from point A to point B
Utilizing the nation with Guinea pig bridge technology
Conveniently and safely
guinea pig guinea pig guinea guinea guinea pig
Guinea pig Guinea pig guinea guinea
Guinea pig Bridge

Talk to the Animals (from the film Dr. Dolittle, 1967)

"If I could talk to the animals, just imagine it
Chattin' with a chimp in chimpanzee
Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah
What a neat achievement it would be

If we could talk to the animals, learn all their languages
I could take an animal degree
I'd study elephant and eagle, buffalo and beagle
Alligator, guinea pig, and flea

I would converse in polar bear and python
And I would curse in fluent kangaroo
If people ask me, Can you speak rhinoceros?
I'd say, Of course, can't you?"

Let's Fall in Love (Let's Do It)

Guinea pigs are mentioned in the very last verse of this well-known, and quite racy in its time song:


"Old sloths who hang down from twigs, do it

Though the effort is great

Sweet guinea pigs, do it

Buy a couple and wait

The world admits, bears in pits, do it

Even Pekingeses in the Ritz, do it

Let's do it, Let's fall in love!"


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