Scottish Tartan

Above right: One of my own guinea pigs, Sundae, dressed in a kilt and nibbling carrots from a quaich, on a past Burns Night, celebrating the birthday of the beloved Scottish Poet, Robert Burns.  Sundae was a very clever and svelte piggy, the only one who fit the pig-sized kilt.

You may be familiar with the traditional Scottish patterned fabric, tartan, sometimes referred to as "plaid."


Historically, tartans have been associated with the Highland Clans of Scotland, military regiments, and the royal family.


Here are some classics that many people recognize: 

Black Watch
Rob Roy
Royal Stewart
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Believe it or not, there is a tartan designed just for guinea pigs! The "Guinea Pigs for Deborah" tartan, by designer Carol Martin, references the beautiful coat colors of the common cavy.  Can you see your guinea pig's coat in here?


To learn more about this tartan, click here.   To see some guinea pigs sporting kilts, scroll down below.  

And if your guinea pig in a kilt feels like dancing, there is a Scottish Country Dance devised as a tribute to guinea pigs and their awesome dance moves. Click here for more!

"Guinea Pigs For Deborah" Tartan

The Rarest of Combinations - Guinea Pigs and Scottish Tartan

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