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Television & Advertising !

"🎶 I WANT MY PIGTV ......"

While other animals take the lion's share of advertising gigs, some astute companies recognize the value of a guinea pig in focussing attention on their product or adding an exciting plot twist!

Nanny and the Professor (Series Pilot)

Playing upon the popular successes of Mary Poppins and other magical nannies of literature, this TV series posited another ostensibly magical British nanny taking care of a family in need of guidance. Unlike the candid "magicality" of its forebears, this Nanny's paranormal nature was less overt and only implied. The series starred Juliet Mills as Nanny Phoebe Figalilly, Richard Long as Professor Harold Everett, and in season 3 Elsa Lanchester in the recurring role of Aunt Henrietta. Figalilly was housekeeper for Professor Everett as well as nanny to his three children: Hal, the intellectual tinkerer, played by David Doremus; Butch, the middle child, played by Trent Lehman; and Prudence, the youngest, played by Kim Richards.

In this first episode, Nanny's guinea pig, Myrtle, helps disrupt a snooty dog show.  Serious pig action after an earlier introduction.   See 19:22 for all the hilarity.

House of Cards Television Series

Cashew the guinea pig is the companion to hacker Gavin Orsay in the television serial "House of Cards." Cashew is introduced in Season 2 as Gavin Orsay's pet. She is threatened by Agent Green when Orsay expresses misgivings about his role in ruining Lucas Goodwin. In Season 3, Cashew is notably absent from the action, only appearing after Gavin has revealed his deceptions to Lisa Williams.


Cashew is left in her cage just outside of Lisa's home, and it is presumed that she takes up ownership of the guinea pig.


In Cashew's most dramatic scene, she endures threatening foot pressure during an interrogation by Agent Green.   Note: no guinea pigs were actually harmed during the filming of this scene.

Snapple Ice Tea Commerical - The Running of the Pigs in Pamplona

Mini guinea pigs costumed as bulls re-enact the annual running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.


Modern life for busy cavies - the right credit card with the right financing.


Video haven!


Some guinea pigs have eclectic card with the right financing.


Tested and approved by guinea pigs


Upgrade your piggy today!  Make your you have at least mpig3.


Did you know they're not pigs at all?  Or from guinea?   the news is finally getting out.

Electric Bills

Enlist your guinea pigs to help share the power burden in household costs.


Even guinea pigs need to move into the digital age - don't let your guinea pigs be the last on the block with a smart home and a smart cage.

South Park - "Pandemic 2 - The Startling" Trailer

"Pandemic 2: The Startling" is the eleventh episode of the twelfth season of the animated series South Park,] and the 178th episode of the series overall. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on October 29, 2008.


It is the conclusion to the previous episode, "Pandemic". In the episode, the boys discover the source of the havoc unleashed in the previous episode, and attempt to overthrow the Secretary of Homeland Security's plot for world domination.

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