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About Me

Above: this  site was inspired by the many guinea pigs I've loved over the years - a favorite picture of some of the herd, Penelope, Samantha, Charlotte, and Hazel.  We hope you enjoy it!


I acquired my first guinea pig from my elementary school in 5th grade, and named her "Dolly." She was a brown and white Abyssinian.  I earned her by working for a grand total of  350 "tokens" for performing various classroom tasks (including cleaning the cages of the guinea pigs) and and for other scholastic achievements throughout the school year.  


Totally enamored with the class guinea pig herd and my new piggy,  I worked hard the following year and picked up her sister, "Ginny" (as in "Ginny Pig") for a companion.  


I will always remember Mrs. Wilma Lea at Schallenberger School for providing painting lessons, a wonderful learning environment for her students, story time after lunch recess, and fostering my love of guinea pigs!

Over the next decades I kept a succession of guinea pigs, all with distinctive personalities and special talents, and except for rescued pigs who arrived already named (or those pigs pre-emptively named by the all boy committee in my family), have managed to indulge my passion for beautiful feminine names.   


My pigs have been officially named (though with many special nicknames):  Dolly, Ginny, Lady, Spock, Checkov, Willy, Captain Cook, Tasmania, Leia, Amidala, Daisy, Sally, Sundae, Dexter, Spock II, Hazel, Jasmine, Lucinda, Charlotte, Samantha, Penelope, Dinah, and Georgina, Demelza, Finian, Sebastian, Sabrina and Fiona.

The Recent Consulting Crew


"Fiona Glennanne" (from Burn Notice), "Kablooie"

Acquired from a Piano Student, Fiona lives (sometimes amicably) with her cagemate Fiona.

Most Likely to: run from humans and look suspiciously at them


Nitro, "Georgina the Timid"

Teen mom; smallest of the pigs due to pregnancy and raising three piglets as a single mother, shredded ear from bad pigs

Most Likely to: Run away from the food she just begged for


Slim, "The Other Bad Pig," "Ring Around the Collar Pig"

Former runt of the litter, has achieved over 2 lbs of mass leading to top pig status

Most Likely to: Agitate his relatives with the "I'm not touching you ..." ploy


"Warrior Pig"

Acquired from a Piano Student, Warrior Pig is the only pig I have not been able to merge with the rest of the herd. She lives (sometimes amicably) with her cagemate Fiona.

Most Likely to: Ignore guinea pig social cues and gender roles. "Though She Be But Little She is Fierce."


Preacher, "Bad Pig"

Largest of the litter, had attained largest weight class until a broken tooth caused a drop in overall ounces

Most Likely to be: Hiding in a bag


Dyna-mite, "Dinah the Fierce", "Menacing Pig"

Arrived with sister Georgina, aunt to Demelza, Sebastian, and Finian, carries weight in hips, body positive image activist, sounds all alarms with loud whistling

Most Likely to: Chatter her teeth at you if you don't bring the right treat immediately. Also prone to staring menacingly at family members from the corner of a cage, attempting to hypnotize or intimidate them into providing treats.


"The Nice Pig"

Sister to Finian and Sebastian who annoy her endlessly

Most Likely to: Greet you and drink upside down. Best happy rumbler and everyone's favorite friendly pig. Loves to hide in a hay bale.

My tech crew helping me with editing and posting - note their four-footed touch-typing technique!

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