Marcus Waterman


Marcus (sometimes Mark) Waterman (September 1, 1834 April 2, 1914) was an American painter, mainly of landscapes and Orientalist subjects.


Waterman was born in Providence, Rhode Island to William Henry and Martha Burrill Pearce Waterman; he had a brother, William Clarence Waterman, who survived him. He graduated fromBrown University in 1857 and moved to New York, where for twenty years he kept a studio in the New York University building. His training is unclear; some sources claim that he was entirelyself-taught, while others, including Waterman himself, claim that he either worked with or was influenced by Thomas Hill and William Morris Hunt. Before moving to New York he was part of a group of "art enthusiasts" in Providence, including Thomas RobinsonJohn N. ArnoldJames M. Lewin, and Frederick S. Batcheller.

Though Waterman was primarily a painter of landscapes, he turned his hand to other genres at times during his career.

Historical Art Museum

Marcus Waterman
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