David de Coninck


David de Coninck or David de Koninck, also known as Rammelaer (ca. 1644, Antwerp – after 1701, probably Brussels) was a Flemish painter who specialised in still lifes and landscapes with animals and hunting scenes. Recognised as a leading animal painter, de Coninck was able to develop an international career which caused him to work for extended periods in Paris, Rome and Vienna.

De Coninck was an accomplished painter of scenes with animals, mainly birds, in a garden or against a landscape background. He painted lively action scenes of fighting cats and dogs, packs of dogs attacking game and birds of prey or cats attacking birds or poultry.

Historical Art Museum

David de Coninck
(Antwerp 1636-1699 Brussels)

A peacock and cockerels, with guinea pigs and a rabbit, in a wooded park
David de Coninck
(Antwerp 1636-1699 Brussels)

A peacock, turkey, rabbits, cockerel, with guinea pig
David de Coninck
(Antwerp 1636-1699 Brussels)

A Cat Entering a Barnyard
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