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Lambert de Hondt


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Lambert de Hondt


Lambert de Hondt the Elder or Lambert de Hondt (I) (c. 1620 - before 10 February 1665) was a Flemish painter and draughtsman mainly known for his equestrian and battle scenes as well as his genre and landscape paintings. As was the custom at the time, he regularly collaborated with other painters. He worked with Willem van Herp in the production of landscapes (painted by de Hondt) with figures (painted by van Herp) such as Noah gathering his Family and the Animals on the Ark, Orpheus charming the animals, St. Francis with the Animals, etc... .These paintings are similar in composition and are a variation of the type of the so-called 'paradise landscape'. Paradise landscapes depict the Garden of Eden as described in the Book of Genesis, filled with all the animals, fish and birds that were believed to be God's creation. The type was invented and popularized by Jan Brueghel the Younger.

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