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Tortilla Chip Day

Feb 24


Crunch, crunch, crunch!

Chip, dip, and piggy, anyone? Purely for fun, this piggified Doritos commercial was created by Jonathan Reed. Tortilla chips (corn chips) are not recommended for guinea pigs (of course), though should you bring your pig to Mexican restaurant, they might be tempted after a few Margaritas. Steer them towards the salad bowl instead. 🥗<br><br> And should your piggy be a stickler for terminology, remember that in the UK, "chips" are cut pieces of potato, sometimes called "home fries" or "french fries" or just "fries" in the States. "Crisps" in the UK are the equivalent of potato chips in the US. And if that isn't confusing enough, Doritos etc ... are know as corn chips in Australia, with the term chips being used to refer to BOTH crisps and fries while "fries" may refers specifically to the really skinny chips (french fries or shoestring fries) such as those served at McDonald's ...<br><br> Good thing the universal word for "I'm hungry" is #wheekwheek<br><br> Note: no piggies were subjected to real Nacho Doritos for the purposes of this piggified Superbowl commercial.

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