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Guinea Pigs in Historical Art Museum 

Historical Paintings & Drawings


From the 1500s through early 20th century, see master painters and folk artists use the guinea pig as the main subject or ornamentation.  Guinea pigs were believed to have been introduced to Europe between the 1550s and 1580s and quickly became subjects for painters.

The art gallery below is arranged by artist name.  Choose an aisle, then click for a link to high resolution views  (and to help find any non-obvious guinea pigs).


Trust me, the guinea pigs are indeed there!  And usually, they're eating!  

This gallery is a work in progress and continually updated.   Check back often for more!  To follow new additions on social media join the companion facebook group right here! 

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This museum's paintings are being unpacked with the help of many guinea pigs.  Please be patient while we sort through all our materials.   If you would like to help add to our catalogue or have corrections or other comments, please contact us.

Museum Catalogue

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