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Jane Austen & Guinea Pigs


Did you ever wish that Jane Austen wrote just one more novel? 

Have you overindulged in Austen fan fiction and retellings?   Well, here's a version unlike all the rest!


Hearts flutter!  Rumbling can be heard! Will Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy put aside their pride and prejudice and admit to their underlying attraction?  Or will they be distracted by the odd carrot or bale of timothy hay?


Find out in this version Jane Austen's beloved novel.

Few have attempted to adapt classic novels for the romantic and short attention span of guinea pigs.   We anxiously await more offerings from this new and exciting genre.

Price & Prejudice

“We thought Pride & Prejudice couldn’t get much better--then we saw lines from Jane Austen’s classic novel paired with some seriously dapper rodents.” ―


“This may be the definitive version of Pride and Prejudice. If they could get War and Peace down to this length, it would be a service to mankind.” ―Salman Rushdie


“As far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect combo: I love old literature and I have eaten a ton of rodents over the years. In fact, I’ve just had a desert mouse that I stewed in urine.” ―Bear Grylls


"An entirely new, adorably hilarious take on the classic story . . . This affection¬ate, quietly dramatic homage is the perfect gift for Austen-philes, Austen-newbies, guinea-pig aficionados and anyone who appreciates a tale well told." ―BookPage











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