Tartan - long associated with Scottish highland clans, the pattern of interwoven lines of different colors used for military, Scottish dance, fashion and and ancient clan associations is more popular now than ever!

From master tartan designer Carol Martin, we have the first ever tartan devoted to guinea pigs.  


"Guinea pigs for Deborah" Tartan


"An asymmetrical design inspired by the beautiful fur coat of the humble Guinea Pig.  For Deborah of The Red Thistle Dancers and Guinea Pig lovers everywhere."


Click on the tartan to view the design in the Scotweb design gallery.  If this tartan really inspires you, you can have it woven!

Penelope, Samantha, Charlotte, and Hazel -
Four of the guinea pigs that inspired this tartan design.

Ready to Wear -

Piggy-Pret-a-Porter (PPP)

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9 out of 10 guinea pigs agree - this is more thrilling than 3rd cut Timothy Hay! 

Wheek!  Wheek!

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