Jacob Hoefnagel


Jacob Hoefnagel (also 'Jacobus', 'Jakob' or 'Jakub") (1573 in Antwerp – c.1632 in Dutch Republic or Hamburg), was aFlemish painter, printmaker, miniaturist, draftsman, art dealer, diplomat, merchant and politician. He is noted for his illustrations of natural history subjects as well as his portraits, topographical views, emblems and mythological works.


As a painter Hoefnagel specialized in small format mythological scenes on vellum or copper. During his stay at the court in Prague he produced many paintings of which only a few have survived.  The Morgan Library & Museum holds an Orpheus charming the animals dated 1613 in a late Mannerist style and a Winter dated 1618.

Historical Art Museum

Jacob Hoefnagel

"Orpheus Charming the Animals"
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