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Essentials and Boutique Shopping - for owners and piggies alike.


Any artist or business featured on our facebook pages is automatically included in this mall.  Would you like to be a member of this virtual mall?  Contact me by Wheek Wheek Mail. 

The "Wheek Wheek" Boutique! Coming Soon!

Contemporary Guinea Pig Art & Artists

Guinea Days Art Studio
Guinea Days Art Studio by Tracey Humphreys - Commissioned Watercolours, Illustrations, prints, and books.
When Guinea Pigs Fly
When Guinea Pigs Fly aims to spread happiness and cheer around the world through cute artwork!
Old World Pet Portraits
Artist Carol Lew paints whimsical portraits of pets proudly dressed in historical attire.
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Pampered Piggies Boutique
Fleece guinea pig snuggle pouches, cuddle cups, cage pads, lap pads and other cage accessories.
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Cage Accessories


Clothing and Costuming for Piggies

Cuddly Cavies Creations
Hand made Costumes and clothes for guinea pigs and rabbits.
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Cages & Housing

Guinea Pig Zone
Easy-to-modify C&C Cages & Accessories
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