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The Gallery of Arts

From the serious, to the not quite so serious, view guinea pigs in various mediums in the arts!

The World Famous


Guinea Pigs in Historical Art Museum

(click painting to enter or scroll down for more artistic piggy pursuits)

Guinea pig art from the 1500s and on!  The old masters often included guinea pigs in their serious works.

Cavia Galleria (Gallery of the Cavy Arts)

(click any picture to browse and nibble)

From the Greek playwrights, to Shakespeare through modern modern theater, guinea pigs express the cavy condition.
Modern Artists
Today's talented artists pay homage to this furry muse.
Period literature - not just for humans anymore.
Pigs in the funny papers!
Television & Advertising
Need a product advertised? Why not use a rodent? Madison Avenue looks to cavy porcellus!
Scottish Tartan
See the first ever Scottish tartans designed for guinea pigs (or for any rodent for that matter). Guinea pigs in kilts!
Music and Music Videos
Guinea pigs have more recently broken into the moving picture industry - from comedy to drama, they are making their mark!
Reality Stars
Guinea pigs are breaking out - celebrity pigs are everywhere on social media and reality tv.
Poetry dedicated to cavia porcellus!
Guinea pigs immortalized in fabrics and textiles!
From pre-Columbian to modern times, artists take on the challenge of representing the unique curves of the cavy.
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