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Polka Dot Day

Jan 22


🎶"She wore an itsy-bitsy teeny weeny<br>Yellow polka dot bikini!"

Do Polka Dots make you popcorn with happiness? <br> <br>Polka Dots have been a recognized pattern for a long time, with both good and bad connotations! <br><br> In medieval Europe, the dotted pattern was initially seen as very unpleasant, representing disease and impurity. <br><br>Meanwhile, in non-Western cultures, dots were viewed as symbols of male virility and magic. <br><br>The interest in polka dotted clothing became popular during the late 19th century polka dance craze that swept through Europe. Clever businesses took advantage of “polka mania’ and began manufacturing all different types of polka-themed products! #piggiesandpolkadots <br><br>"Polka Dot Piggy" From StudioSixtySix on Etsy

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