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Café au Lait Day

Feb 17


"I'll have some café au lait ... only, um, make mine black." <br><br>~ Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)

Pigs, when you sidle up to your neighborhood hot beverage purveyor with your empty water bottle, ready to fill it up with a stimulating brew of your choice, are you a bit confused by coffee? Sneered at by snobby barristas who wouldn't know a guinea pig from a hamster? Well, don't chatter your teeth! Brush up on your coffee knowledge and impress your cagemates! <br><br>Café au lait is made of brewed coffee and steamed milk with a 1:1 ratio, instead of espresso and milk (also, no foam as in a latté). However, this distinction only exists in the US; in Europe, café au lait is made of espresso instead. Even more confused? American café au lait is often made using scalded, rather than steamed milk. And in France, a distinction is made in serving style as well, with café au lait served French style in a white porcelain cup or bow, or Italian style in a glass. More coffee! ☕☕☕ <br><br> Guinea pig latté art! #wheekwheek

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